Off-Grid Systems

Independence from the grid no longer relegates you to a rustic lifestyle. With advanced battery technology, optimized system design, and remote monitoring, RES delivers the infrastructure and technical know-how to help you achieve comfortable self-sufficiency.

RES Off-Grid Solar PV systems
RES service Hawaii off-grid
RES service Hawaii off-grid
RES service Hawaii off-grid

RES solar system battery installation, Ben McCormick

CED Greentech

“My experience with the team at RES has been outstanding. They have a deep understanding of the Hawaii solar market and battery storage. With the new HELCO programs, batteries are required on most projects. RES knows batteries. When I visited their office, I was genuinely surprised to see at least three different battery systems being tested. Not everything works in Hawaii, but RES knows what does. I have worked with dozens of solar companies over the past 12 years and RES is one of the best.”

Ben McCormick, Manager CED Greentech Hawaii