Peter Shackelford in front of an early solar installation, 1992


Peter Shackelford founds RES

Leveraging a wide range of experience installing and operating wind turbines, battery systems, hydropower, solar, geothermal and ocean thermal energy technologies, Peter Shackelford created Renewable Energy Services (RES) to design, build, and maintain renewable energy systems in Hawaii.


Hawaii’s first net-metered PV systems

Hawaiian Electric Light Company selected RES to design and install photovoltaic (PV) systems for the Sun Power For Schools program, which served to prototype the first grid-connected PV systems in Hawaii and led to the establishment of net metering in 2001. Net metering, which provided utility bill credits to solar customers, drove market growth until the program ended in late 2015.

(1998 ad for HECO’s Sun Power For Schools Program)

A very bright future be a partner in hawaii's renewable energy future.
Roland Shackelford joins RES, 2004


Roland Shackelford joins RES full time

Roland Shackelford, who helped his father since he was big enough to help lift solar modules up to the roof, joined the company full-time and became Hawaii’s first kama’aina to become a NABCEP-certified PV installer and RES’s lead technician.


Largest residential renewable energy microgrid

For Bakken Hale, home of the inventor Earl Bakken who created the first battery-powered pacemaker, RES supplied a microgrid system that powers a five-building estate including water processing facilities, an organic greenhouse, commercial air conditioning and more.

An aerial view of a large off-grid pv system.
A man is working on electrical equipment in a room.


RES adapts to Hawaii’s post-net metering market

When the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission ended Net Metering in 2015, the industry had to adapt to more complex technologies and difficult market conditions, a transition that forced most solar contractors to shut their doors. RES leveraged its decades of off-grid expertise to bring innovative technologies to the grid-connected market, pioneering a new era for the industry.


Roland acquires ownership of RES

Peter, after 40 years of dedication to the renewable energy industry, retires, and turns over ownership to his son, Roland. Staying true to the values Peter established for the company, Roland has accelerated the transformation of the family operation into a sustainable business.

Two men in hawaiian shirts sitting in front of monitors.
A group of people standing on top of a tree house.


30th anniversary celebration

Not many renewable energy companies have been operating long enough to observe the full lifecycle of solar and energy storage systems. In August 2022, RES celebrated our 30-year milestone and dedicated ourselves to the innovation that will drive us for decades to come.