Grid-tied Systems

With two generations of design and Installation experience under our belt, RES serves customers who value the simplicity and security of systems that connect to the utility grid, including solar-only and solar-plus-energy storage systems.

RES Grid-Tied Solar PV systems
An aerial view of a house with solar panels on the roof.
Technicians working on solar rooftop penetrations.
An aerial view of a home with rooftop solar panels.

RES solar PV system grid-tied Hawaii, Daryn Arai

Grid-Tied Enphase System

“Roland and his team at RES have earned my trust as a company that will do things the right way from the start, and continue that practice for years to come. Years ago I selected them from among other cheaper companies because of design/install details that stood out from their competitors. When manufacturing defects compromised the integrity of the system, they did their best to satisfy me at their expense, even though the fault was with the manufacturer. I recently replaced the faulty panels with new ones, again choosing RES. It comes down to a single word: “INTEGRITY”.”

Daryn Arai, client since 2012