Richard Russell Residence

Location:Kohala, HI
Size:19.32 kW DC, 57 kWh storage
Completed:2009 – 2021
Equipment:Sharp 167 solar panels
LG NeON R solar panels
SMA Sunny Island Inverters
SMA Sunny Boy inverters
Generac PWRcell inverter
Generac PWRcell battery
Deka AGM L16 batteries


This farm residence and facility has two separate Net Energy Metered systems originally installed in 2009. When powerful winds damaged the original solar array and utility power lines, RES replaced the aging solar panels with new high-efficiency ones, as well as retrofitted batteries to provide the facility with back-up power for critical loads to keep operations going even when the grid goes down. RES customers can rely on RES to adapt and upgrade their systems as their needs evolve and technology advances.

Ground mounted solar panels in front of a house.
A room with sealed lead acid batteries.
A junction box attached to a ground mounted solar array.