Matt Russell Residence

Location:Waimea, HI
Size:45 kW DC, 84 kWh storage
Completed:May 2019
Equipment:(150) LG NeON 2 305-watt solar panels
(4) Outback Radian 8048A inverters
(24) SimpliPhi PHI3.8 batteries


Living off-grid doesn’t have to mean giving up household luxuries. This off-grid system was designed to power a large workshop, swimming pool, and residence without any sacrifices. RES designers carefully consider the energy needs of each home and simulate the performance of every off-grid system design to ensure the optimal size solar array, battery bank, and inverter are selected for their clients.

An accessory building with solar panels on the roof.
A room with solar electrical equipment.
An aerial view of a house with solar panels and a pool.