Katcher Residence

Location:Captain Cook, HI
Size:29.82 kW DC, 51.3 kWh storage
Completed:April 2021
Equipment:(84) LG NeON R 355-watt solar panels
(3) Generac PWRcell inverters
(3) Generac PWRcell 17 lithium batteries


When the Katchers began construction of a new 8000 sf home with air conditioning, a pool, and spa, they knew they wanted solar to offset their energy costs. Using energy data collected from similarly statured homes, RES was able to predict the energy consumption of the Katchers’ residence before it was built, and therefore coordinate installation with the house builder during construction, ensuring its seamless integration. The system covers approximately 90% of the home’s total energy consumption, generating approximately $12,000 per year in electricity cost savings.