Introducing the Next Level of Energy Independence

25-years of Industry Expertise and State of the Art PV and Energy Storage Technology combine to create a Reliable, Affordable and Maintenance-free Power System.

There's a reason RES is Hawaii's most trusted solar installer

Since our company's inception in 1992, we've specialized in photovoltaic and energy storage solutions, building our reputation on our in-depth technical understanding of power systems. We strive to serve our customers' best interests by operating with transparency and accurately depicting the capabilities of systems we install. For quality assurance, new technology and system designs are tested on our own homes or in our shop before we bring them to market.

It starts with a diligent design...

The RES System Optimizer: one of the only PV + battery modeling tools in the industry, built in-house on 25 years of real-world experience.

The RES System Optimizer runs any number of scenarios to help homeowners determine the optimal configuration of batteries and PV modules to meet their needs and stay within the constraints of their budget. Its sophisticated analytics tool provides a clear visual depiction of how the system will perform throughout the year, and most importantly, draws attention to potential areas of concern that might not have been immediately obvious otherwise.

...and robust solution offering.

From durable anodized aluminum racking and water-tight flashing for budget installations, to custom ground and structure-integrated systems for the high-end home.

We source high-performance solar modules and string or micro inverters with up to a 25-year full-replacement warranty for worry-free ownership. We are also preferred integrators of maintenance-free Aquion Energy saltwater and SonnenBatterie Lithium Iron Phosphate energy storage technologies.

Defer your payments and interest for 12 months with NO pre-payment penalty. Utilize your solar tax credits to pay down your principle before making your first payment.
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Customer Service

We've remained family owned and operated to give each customer the personal attention their job requires. All of our design, installation, and electrical contracting work is done in-house by our full-time technicians.

Tax Incentives

Hawaii homeowners are eligible to receive attractive state and federal tax incentives for installing new solar PV systems. A 35% Hawaii State tax credit and 30% Federal tax credit are currently available. Talk to your tax advisor for more information.

Find out if solar is right for you. Call (808) 775-7410.

Solar panels installed on roof top in Honokaa, HI


Each off-grid system we sell is designed according to precise customer requirements and modeled in the RES System Optimizer with state-of-the-art components for unmatched stability and longevity. Our portfolio has grown to include hundreds of off-grid homes around the island and we continue to support our earliest clients from over 25 years ago.
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Slash your energy costs with clean, renewable solar energy.

Today, solar offers guaranteed returns of 8% - 15% (higher and safer than stock investments), and the introduction of reliable energy storage allows families to utilize solar energy day and night, even when the grid is down.

Cost-Slashing Solar Options

Whole-Home Backup
The Ultimate in Energy-Independence

A PV array and powerful battery bank provides continuous electricity (day and night) to your entire home, even when the grid is down. You practically never need to purchase utility energy, but it's there just in case.
Critical Loads Center
Energy Security meets Affordability

A PV array is installed along with a small battery to provide continuous power to your most important loads - lights, fridge, TV, wifi - limiting your need for utility energy to the large appliances that cannot be supported by your energy system.
The Basics
Simple Savings

A simple PV array is installed on your house. Energy you use during the daytime can be satisfied by the solar energy production, but energy at night and on rainy days still purchased from HELCO.
Important Changes as of August 23, 2016
Due to regulating policy established by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, new solar customers on Hawaii County will be prohibited from producing and exporting solar energy to the grid.

Build a custom system: (808) 775-7410

Utility Permits

All utility grid-connected solar systems require approval by the utility company prior to installation. Customer Grid Supply (CGS) and Customer Self Supply (CSS) are HELCO's governing policies for customers wanting to reduce their electric bill by installing solar. Allow 2 - 4 months for us to obtain the required permits.

Allows consumers to contribute their surplus solar energy to the grid for credits on their next HELCO bill. This is the most lucrative option for consumers and allows for a simpler installation, although CGS permits are projected to reach their cap by the end of 2016. Customers who do not obtain a CGS permit before the cap is reached will be limited to the CSS option.

Allows customers to install PV systems but the system is restricted from exporting electricity to the grid. Surplus solar power can be stored in a battery for later use or else production must be curtailed to prevent export.
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