Start saving today with solar

Renewable Energy Services can handle solar energy for commercial needs and provide enduring solutions to improve your business outlook. Not only will it curb energy costs, you can take pride in knowing you chose a sustainable option and, by powering your business with a renewable resource, you're doing your part to protect the environment. Talk to us today to learn more about your options! 

Energy savings

Commercial PV power systems produce power for less than the utility price of a kilowatt hour of energy, a cost that is always increasing. The income stream—money saved by not having to purchase power from the utility—covers the monthly cost of a lease or loan used to purchase the PV system. When you include tax benefits, a PV system can give you a return on investment in as little as three years. When it exceeds this period, the PV system is expected to produce power for a design life of 30 years, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars of power at no additional cost to you.
Solar panel installed on rooftop in Honokaa, HI

Unique benefits

The commercial PV power system offers unique benefits. By supplementing your business energy demand with solar and energy storage, you can reduce your peaks and bring down your utility energy demand charge. Also, by having a solar system visible to the public eye, your business instantaneously becomes recognized for its environmental stewardship. Additionally, our products are guaranteed to last and perform safely and reliable to meet your commercial needs.
Solar panel installed on rooftop in Honokaa, HI


Customer Self Supply (CSS) and Customer Grid Supply (CGS) are two options we offer for you to consider. CSS allows users to install PV systems that don't share power with a utility grid. Instead, the power is stored and consumed later. Alternatively, CGS enables users to connect to an electric grid. Pros and cons are found on both sides, and we're happy to walk you through both options to determine what's best for your needs. 
Going Solar
Solar panel installed on rooftop in Honokaa, HI
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